Présentation d’une revue: Strategic Studies Quarterly

Cette présentation nous est envoyée par Michael Guillot, éditeur de Strategic Studies Quarterly. Merci à lui.

Strategic Studies Quarterly (SSQ) published its first edition on 1 September 2007.  It has become well established as a journal dedicated to critically examining, informing, and debating national and international security matters.  Subscriptions to SSQ grew steadily to over 18,000 as of August 2012—most of this dramatic rise coming from sustained double digit increases in electronic subscriptions.  Beginning in 2009 SSQ pursued extended outreach to Think Tanks throughout the world eventually numbering over 30.  Additionally, the content has been cited by many top journals and institutes including Foreign Policy, RAND, Heritage, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Center for American Progress, and the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation.  SSQ articles garnered national media attention from CNN in March 2011 and in congressional testimony before the US Congress in May of that year for publishing on nuclear issues.  Also in 2011, the Journal produced its first Special Edition dedicated to Cyber.  This thematic was followed up by another Special Edition dedicated to Space in the spring of 2012 and a second Cyber Special Edition in fall 2012.  As a result of these Special Editions, electronic downloads of SSQ content ballooned to over 10,000 requests.  Beginning in late 2010 SSQ executed the first ever data aggregator agreements in Air University with companies including Ebsco, Proquest, Gale-Cengage, Thompson-Reuters, and Shared Book, making its content imminently searchable worldwide.  Since then it has become an active source of articles for a number of academic institutions particularly those within DoD, including the Air War College, ACSC, Army War College, Naval War College, National War College, Naval Post Graduate School, the Lemay Center, and the Norwegian Defense University among many others.  Additionally, SSQ procured sponsorship for the first ever presence before the International Studies Association—International Security Studies Section awards ceremony along with the Air University Foundation.  In just five short years, SSQ has emerged as well-respected and well-read.

Please view Strategic Studies Quarterly on line at: and take advantage of our free electronic subscription.


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