Présentation d’une revue: Marines Corps University Journal

Ce texte nous est envoyé par le Colonel (USMC) Stephen S. Evans, également titulaire d’un doctorat, et éditeur du MCUJ. Merci à lui.

Marine Corps University Press

Established in 2008, the Marine Corps University Press is a US-government press. Located on the campus of Marine Corps University at Quantico Virginia, the press is comprised of 11 federal government service (GS) employees – the Senior Editor, Managing Editor, Acquisitions Editor, 4 manuscript editors, 3 designers, and a circulation person – most of whom worked previously in the publishing industry prior to coming to MCU Press. In addition to its own publications and its journal, the MCU Press also publishes (under its HD imprint) all books for the History Division, which is responsible for the writing and development of all official histories for the United States Marine Corps. In 2011, the MCU Press published 16 books under its MCU Press and HD imprints. All MCU Press publications are also offered in PDF format, which can be downloaded for free on the press website.

The MCU Press engages thinkers from the academic, military, and policy realms on issues pertaining to international relations and national security, broadly defined. The press welcomes topics on a wide range of broad subject areas: defense, security, geopolitics, regional studies, history, and the social sciences. Subjects of published and forthcoming books include: Iran viewed in the global context; diplomatic and security issues on the Korean Peninsula; the Middle East in transition; the story of the al-Anbar “Awakening” from Iraqi and American perspectives; the need for cultural engagement by military forces; police mentoring in Afghanistan; an examination of al-Qaeda a decade after 9/11; water issues on the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers; and counterinsurgency leadership.

To broaden its reach and scope, the press has established innovative publishing partnerships with groups that include the Center for Naval Analyses, the Middle East Institute, and the Center for a New American Security. It is always interested in hearing from prospective authors and partners, regardless of their geographic location.

Marine Corps University Journal

Launched in 2010, the Marine Corps University Journal is a scholarly, peer-reviewed forum for the advancement of knowledge on issues of international relations and national security. Published once per year in 2010 and 2011, the journal will be published two times each year – Spring and Fall – beginning in 2012. The journal has a print-run of 4,000 copies, and is distributed widely among think-tanks, academics at universities & colleges, and policymakers in military and government circles, both in the United States and overseas.

Pieces have included an examination of insurgent intelligence operations from the IRA to Hezbollah; an article on the problems posed by “feral cities” such as Mogadishu, Somalia; a review of the ebb and flow of irregular warfare doctrine in the U.S. military; Somaliland and post-conflict state building; U.S. policy in the wake of the Arab Spring; and in-depth interviews on the humanitarian response to the 2010 floods in Pakistan and on the culture and history of Afghanistan.

The journal welcomes submissions from across the multidisciplinary spectrum, both contemporary and historical in nature. Length should be approximately 4,000 to 8,000 words. The journal also has an extensive book review section and is interested in hearing from prospective reviewers.

MCU Press & Journal – Contact

For more information on publishing with the press or the journal, contact either the senior editor, Mr. Kenneth H. Williams ( or the acquisitions editor, Dr. Stephen S. Evans ( To request copies of our publications or to be added to the mailing list for the journal, contact the press (

The homepage website for the MCU Press is:

The press contact phone number is: (703) 432-4888

The mailing address for the press is: 3078 Upshur Avenue, Quantico VA 22134 (USA)

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