Présentation d’une revue: Infinity Journal

Adam Stahl est co-fondateur de l’Infinity Journal. Il a la gentillesse de nous faire parvenir ce texte présentant la véritable « success story » qu’est cette revue.

« Strategy is an oft-applied concept that is more often misapplied and misunderstood than many realize. Is Strategy a concept easy to understand, as many claim it to be? In truth, the vast majority of articles claiming to be on Strategy are, in fact, not on Strategy, and that is the main reason for the existence of Infinity Journal.

Infinity Journal is a free, digital, peer-reviewed “journalzine” – a journal-magazine mix – that is concerned with Strategy as the result of the purposeful connection of “ends, ways, and means”. The critically reviewed articles published in Infinity Journal are concerned with Strategy at all levels — from grand strategy to campaign strategy — and as regards any dimension — from nuclear weapons to cyber-power. Infinity Journal is as concerned with the theory as it is with the practice of Strategy, whether across cultures, across history, or as a unique publication to assist in leading the way ahead.

In our view, “strategy never stops,” and we aim to make the discussion of Strategy accessible, in order to advance this critical field as a discipline and to interchange understanding and appreciation into how and why it succeeds or why it fails.

Infinity Journal is multidisciplinary in its approach, offering equal time to academics as well as practitioners. We believe that the nexus between theory and practice is underdeveloped in the realm of Strategy. We see Infinity Journal as one very serious medium for remedying that underdevelopment. Infinity Journal is open to participation in any form and from any quarter, provided it is open-minded.

Infinity Journal’s Editorial Advisory Panel consists of distinguished scholars as well as accomplished practitioners. They have decades of experience teaching, writing, developing, and implementing strategy at all levels, both in the government and private sectors. From Professor Colin S. Gray, widely considered to be the greatest strategic theorist of our generation, to eminent historian, Clausewitzian expert, and Director of Research at the U.S. Army War College, Lt. Col. Dr. Antulio Echevarria. The panel also includes two academics at the Ministry of Strategic Affairs at the Office of the Prime Minister (Israel), Deputy Director Professor Kobi Michael and Dr. Eitan Shamir. Col (Ret.) Gur Laish, the former head of the Israel Air Force Warfare Planning Department and current Director of National Security Strategy at Israel’s National Security Council, as well as Israeli Air Force fighter pilot Lt. Col. (Res) Ron Tira are also Editorial Panel members that bring years of experience to Infinity Journal. Dr. Hugh Smith of the Australian Defence Force Academy (Ret) and two well-established lecturers in strategic studies and international politics at the University of Reading, Dr. Patrick Porter and Dr. C. Dale Walton all play critical roles on the Editorial Panel of Infinity Journal.

Infinity Journal’s co-Founders are A.E. Stahl and William F. Owen. The Publisher of Infinity Journal, A.E. Stahl, is a doctoral candidate at King’s College London (Department War Studies) and he is an Associate at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) in Tel Aviv. Infinity Journal’s Editor, William F. Owen, is formerly of the British Armed Forces, having served in both regular and reserve units. Owen is a military technology writer and theorist currently pursuing a Masters by Research at Cranfield Defence and Security, part of the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom. He speaks and presents to military audiences on a wide range of subjects, including among others, the Australian Army Land Warfare Conference, Israeli Air Force Annual Conference 2010, and the U.S. Army War College’s Annual Strategy Conference, 2012.

Though new to the scene Infinity Journal has already published articles by some of the world’s leading strategic theorists and thinkers, both academics and practitioners from around the world. Infinity Journal also publishes IJ Exclusives, which are peer-reviewed articles on Strategy released between each quarterly publication, as well as IJ Special Editions, such as the most recent “Clausewitz and Contemporary Conflict” and the forthcoming “Strategic Misfortunes”.

Infinity Journal has also assisted in helping to frame important defense issues for scholars and policymakers. The fact is that there is no other publication that is more true to publishing articles on the theory and practice of Strategy than Infinity Journal, and we intend, with the full support of our subscribers, as well as the high-quality articles submitted by writers to stay true to the journal’s ethos: the study of Strategy.

Infinity Journal is a product of the IJ Group, Inc. It is a private venture, and not affiliated with any government or institution. It is a free publication that only requires registration. »

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