The Chatham House-YouGov Survey 2012

Le Think Tank londonien Chatham House a publié son enquête d’opinion annuelle, réalisée en partenariat avec YouGov, sur les préférences des Britanniques en matière de relations internationales.

Je recopie ici les principales conclusions:

  • The majority of the public tend to significantly overestimate the UK’s financial contributions to the EU; the average estimate was three times higher than the actual amount. And even when told of the exact figure, most think it is too high.
  • Opinion-formers overwhelmingly believe that the failure of the international financial system poses the greatest threat to the UK way of life. The general public continue to believe that international terrorism represents the greatest threat to the British way of life.
  • 61% of the public believe that government spending on international development is too high, while only 22% agree with the current level of expenditure (although the public tended to considerably overestimate how much the UK spends).
  • One in five of the general public respondents believe that the UK’s closest diplomatic ties should be with large emerging economies such as China and India rather than with the US or the EU. Favourability toward the United States has increased steadily over the last two years.

A méditer lorsque l’on évoque des partenariats poussés avec le Royaume-Uni.


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